Kamis, 01 September 2011

PKPT Experience

Diposting oleh marita wahyu nugraheni di 08.23
        Early morning , i woke up to prepare everything for 'tonti' cecesity.I have bring it 'Onde-onde' and 1,5 aqua.Beside i had to bring flavour,name text,cone hat,pure white T-shirt and blac shoes.
        When everything had been ready ,i went to school for studying. After studying all students were worried of OSIS shouting all equipment. When cheeked after that we were given 3 minutes for eating. that was clazy. Replacing clhotes were also in hurry.
        All in hurry after preparing everythings. we were ready to follow 'tonti' that was annoying hot weather. I did fault and fault .I was given punisment that was push up.
        Tired but i was happy following 'tonti' and i was chosen to be pleton inti and paskib for independence day on august 17 2011 .
        I thanked to god because i to be 'tonti meber' . That was because the OSIS taught , clearly dicipline ,and in time . i was very happy wish those things.

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